Our attorneys keep abreast of new developments in the fields in which they practice, and often write on these issues. This page provides links to a few of the many articles written by Mackie Wolf Zientz & Mann attorneys.




ALFN WILLed, Choose Happy - Page 16
-Susan Page Invoicing Supervisor, Summer 2021

Correcting Errors in Recorded Instruments
-Mark Cronenwett, Litigation Director, May 2021

ALFN Angle, Tennessee Reformation - Page 56
-Robert Lieber, Associate Attorney, Fall 2020

ALFN Angle, Out of Circulation - Page 22
-JP Sellers, Managing Attorney, Summer 2020

ALFN Angle, Predicting the Fallout From COVID-19 - page 8
-Robert Lieber, Jr., Associate Attorney, Spring 2020

ALFN Angle, COVID-19 Stimulus: What Does the CARES Act Do for Mortgage Loans? - page 20
- Mark Cronenwett, Director of Litigation - Spring 2020

ALFN Angle, How to Lose a Lien in 10 Days in Tennessee - page 48
- Robert Lieber, Jr, Associate Attorney - Winter 2020

ALFN WILLed, Mentorship Matters - page 12
- Rosalie Escobedo, Litigation Manager - Fall 2019

ALFN WILLed, The Ear of Your Heart - page 34
-Rosanna Henry, Director of Compliance - Summer 2018

ALFN WILLed Q4 2017, WILLPower 2017 Review
-Rosalie Escobedo, Litigation Manager - Spring 2017

Servicing Management - Mortgage Orb, The Impact of the CFPB Mortgage Servicing Regulations May Become Clearer As the Focus on the Industry Fades
-JP Sellers, Senior Attorney - July 2016

ALFN Angle, The Millennial Shift: Delayed Milestones Redefine Homeownership Timeline for Many
-JP Sellers, Senior Attorney - November 2015

ALFN Angle, Arkansas: On the Books, Mortgage Servicing Update
-JP Sellers, Senior Attorney - July 2015

HW Knowledge Center, Loss Mitigation Measure Upheld by Texas Supreme Court
-Mark Cronenwett, Director of Litigation - June 3, 2014

Arkansas Bar Association, YLS In Brief, Taking Notice: Examining the Notice Requirements of the Arkansas Statutory Foreclosure Act
-JP Sellers, Senior Attorney - August 2013