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The properties listed on this website have been posted for a non-judicial foreclosure sale in the county or counties where the properties are located. All properties offered for sale by the substitute trustees engaged by this law firm will be sold “AS IS” without any expressed or implied warranties. Purchasers at the foreclosure sales are purchasing the properties “at the purchaser’s own risk“.

It is understood that the commonly known address is listed on this site, but that the substitute trustee intends to sell and the purchaser intends to buy the legal description of the land and not the commonly known as address. Furthermore, no representation of any kind, either expressed or implied, is made by this law firm or the substitute trustees engaged by this law firm regarding the nature or status of the property, the quality of title, or any interests that may be superior to the deed of trust interests being foreclosed. Purchasers take the property subject to such superior interests as well as any and all defects and shall be solely responsible for the resolution of each.

The properties listed on this website may be removed from the corresponding foreclosure sale by the Lender for the following reasons without any further notice to the general public.

    1. Loan reinstatement, payoff, or any other pre-sale arrangement with the Lender to satisfy the default.
    2. Any court-ordered or statutory restraint of sale arising out of bankruptcy, probate, divorce, receivership, or other court proceedings involving any person claiming a legal or equitable interest in the property.
    3. Any other claim by those persons obligated on the debt that may render the sale void or voidable, including but not limited to claims of insufficient notice.
    4. Any other undisclosed matter which may affect the validity of the sale or act as a defense or bar to the foreclosure proceeding.

In the event a defect or other problem with the foreclosure process is discovered that may invalidate the sale, the consideration paid will be returned to Purchaser as the sole and absolute remedy. In the event of any claim or action brought by any person other than Purchaser requiring or resulting in the invalidation of the sale and rescission of the Foreclosure Sale Deed, Purchaser’s damages are limited to the consideration paid to Substitute Trustee and the sole and absolute remedy shall be the return to Purchaser the consideration paid.

The word “SPECIFIED” or “TOTAL” next to the property address indicates the type of foreclosure sale bid issued by the Lender. In some instances, the Lender has authorized the law firm to release their bid amounts prior to the foreclosure sale.